Monday, August 1, 2011

All systems go !

Well, as I mentioned last week our rental is now for sale. We've decided to move out at the end of August, whether or not the house is ready. If its not, we will move in with my parents for a few weeks and store our furniture. So the count down is now on...its a question of whether we have to move once, or twice, and if its twice - how long we'll be homeless in the middle.

Fortunately we've had some decent progress this week. The kitchen has been completed.

What's missing from this photo is built-in cavity to the above bench cabinets for downlights. The kitchen place no longer supplies these due to overheating/warping issues, but instead of mentioning that earlier, just didn't put them in. Not happy Jan, initially. 

Having lived in a house with it and a lot of houses without it, one of my absolute essentials was decent under-bench lighting.  Never fear, where there's a will there's a way, we're looking into LED alternatives.

The sink is actually shallower than we'd expected, we hadn't thought to check measurements on the depth of it. We're not exactly unhappy with it - its just not what we expected. After a brief brainstorm we've decided to keep it as is and in the event a deep sink is required (ie for crucial home-brewing operations and the like) the laundry sink will be employed.

No, the rangehood isn't green. Its a protective coating. 

Bath and laundry sink ready to be installed.

Ensuite vanity looks finished...but the top needs to be replaced with a larger one to fit the two sinks properly. But this gives you an idea of how it will look.

Heaps of dirt arrived this week for levelling the back yard.

Dan met the tilers on site this morning - the house was a hive of activity. Ha, you thought picking tiles was the end of the decision making - wrong ! Grout colour, tile spacing, tile orientation, location of feature strips, what to do with recesses...gagggggh ! Then of course came the inevitable confusion because there were multiple copies of the old and new tiling plans floating around...all sorted now, wouldn't be a day in the life of the build without a few minor heart attacks! 

By this afternoon the concrete had been scrubbed, wet areas have been prepared, 1/3 of the living space tiling has been laid and carpenters have started cutting out holes for downlighting and electrical points. 

Driveway and tiling will both be completed by early next week. Full steam ahead !

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