Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colour Selections

I was dreading today...

There's something exciting and relaxed about having so many weeks to mull over the big manual from the builder with all of the potential choices in it. And something terrifying and stressful about the marathon session where you actually select every single aspect of the house you're probably going to live in for the next 20 years or so.

Having said that, it was not nearly as difficult as I expected, possibly because we had done a lot of discussing, researching and thinking before we got there. I was expecting to be bombarded with things I hadn't considered, in reality we really only picked bathroom feature tiles and cupboard handles, everything else we already knew what we were going to do.

Here are a few things we sured-up today...

Living area tiles - these will be 30 x 60 (the tile pictured is 60x60 and due to the gloss it was very hard to photograph with my phone!!). They are costing us a packet but I am absolutely besotted with them.

Bathroom tiles - dark grey will be on the floor, white on walls, feature tiles will be in shower niches and potentially around the bath. You can see the laminates which will make our floating vanity on the dark tile, high gloss white on top and dark grey matt cupboards. The basins will be semi-recessed and square. 

Kitchen colour scheme - very tricky to get these colours clear on the photo. IRL, they look exactly like they do in the photo, but instead of being cream, they are grey and white :S ! But the tile in the background will be the splashback, its a white version of the large grey tiles we will have on the floor, and the laminates on top will be the benches (the dark marbled one) and cupboards (matt grey).

We also decided today to go with a tile roof (black). In case you were wondering, Dan won the negotiations on that one! Downpipes, front door, eaves etc will be in Monument (dark grey) and the garage door and all window frames will be black. Bricks will be done with a flush natural mortar.

Its so hard to picture how its all going to come together...and now we have the next scary step, which is waiting for the final tender (and the ever important bottom line) and the corrected plans.

Our CSO today was really fantastic - she had such a good idea about the placement of the microwave that I almost hugged her. I am very hopeful the next iteration of the plans will be more like what we were expecting the first set to be.

And now, onwards and upwards, the hunt for feature lighting begins !