Thursday, September 1, 2011


We met the Site Supervisor at the house today and spent the next few hours looking for defects. So out came our fine toothed comb, and over the house we went.

The cleaners had been through today, we actually stopped by at lunchtime and met them as they were buffing the tiles and had a sneak peak. They were lovely people ! And they did a fantastic job.

Ahhh I love you already, Mr Dishwasher

Sensor light in pantry

 We "lost" two powerpoints from the tender/plans because of regulations - ie one couldn't be installed in kids bathroom because of proximity to bath, the other in the laundry. So Dan today cleverly negotiated to get an additional powerpoint added into the hallway even at this late stage in their place. We didn't think of it until now, but we're really going to need a nightlight here once Max starts using the big boy toilet :)

During the PCI, we found lots of very tiny imperfections on the paint, and one pulled thread on the carpet in the hall. But that was it ! One sink leaked a little but it was easy to fix - the collar on the s-bend wasn't tightened properly. We tested every powerpoint, light switch, sink, and tap and ran our hands over every skirting board and window sill, physically felt for imperfections on as much wall as possible, and walked barefoot on every surface. We were sure the benchtops in the kitchen had been damaged but once the protective plastic was removed, all that was left were a few almost invisible scratches which will be polished out.

Reading other building blogs, I was expecting the site supervisor to be fairly unhelpful today - but he was happy to markup even the teeniest of paint imperfections and even pointed some out that I had missed. We have been so lucky with him !

So, other than the defects identified today, all that is left to do is:

  • oiling the deck (will be water blasted tomorrow and oiled on Saturday) - this has been left to the very last minute as the longer the merbau is exposed to the environment, the more oil it will soak up and the better result we get
  • toughened glass, replacement showerhead and tap installed to kid's bathroom (tomorrow)
  • new powerpoint and LED downlights under kitchen benches (before handover)
  • concrete sealed (they turned up on site to do this yesterday and were sent away - far too many tradies walking on the driveway!)
  • solar panels have been installed, but meter is a few weeks away 
  • security system is MIA, we forgot to ask about it today but will call tomorrow
I didn't take any exterior pictures (too much excitement exploring inside) but the yard has been levelled as much as is possible at this stage. The builder even put our letterbox in place for us. I'll upload some pictures at the next milestone...which is...


The bank has already valued, private certifier has inspected and today council checked and approved the plumbing. So we will now arrange to pickup a bank cheque for the completion amount and meet on site late next week to exchange it for a set of keys ! We're expecting/hoping/planning to move in next Friday.