Sunday, July 24, 2011

...slowly, slowly...

...ever so slowly...
Not a lot of progress this week unfortunately ! We think tradesmen were only on site one day.
Main bathroom vanity in place

This is a close-up of benchtop (left) against floor tiles (right). The same laminate/tiles will be in the kitchen. The new floor tile compliments the laminate much more than the original one ! Phew. 

Benchtop for vanity in ensuite waiting with the tiles to be installed.

Kitchen mostly in place. 

 Left hand side, benchtop is sitting on the cabinet. I assume this is being replaced as although its the right colour, its missing acrylic edging, and has added a number of horrendous scratches I'm pretty sure I didn't order...

Overhead cupboards 

Space for the big OVEN! Wee !

Island bench

Fridge cavity overhead cupboards.  


Cheeky niece hiding in pantry

Pantry minus cheeky niece

We discovered this week that our current rental is now for sale, so if we weren't impatient to move in already, we now have an added motivation ! 

This coming week, hoping those pesky kitchen people do a bit of catchup and the tiling should begin.

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