Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In some ways its been a busy few weeks, but at the same time, we're feeling the build slow down. Whether that's genuine or just psychological because the latest developments are internal and less obvious, I'm not sure! The neighbours finally moved in last weekend, they started 8 weeks before us but had at least 3 weeks of delays that we've so far avoided.

We think we're on track for move-in late August, but did have a heart attack moment this week when one of the builders' staff said something like " should be in before Christmas...".  We had better be in before Christmas - our baby is due in October !! We are meeting this Thursday with the Site Supervisor for a site inspection - and of course - to clarify that all important move in date !

Cabinets arrived and were partly installed last week. As you can see, we've been pretty adventurous with colour (er...not)...everything that has arrived so far is white ! But the plan all along was to play it safe with fixtures and if and when its necessary to be brave, we'll do it with non-permanant features.

Kitchen (back wall and part of island are in place)
Kitchen (that's the fridge box and pantry on the left hand side wall)

Kitchen kickboard

Kitchen drawers (with Dan's niece's feet in the background)

Kids' bathroom cabinet

A tile order arrived. It took us about 2 seconds to realise this was all completely wrong. It's being fixed...

Built-in's should have shelves now have them

Brickwork has been completed and bricks have been acid washed, we're thrilled with how neat they look.  This is the pillar on the front porch and its little wooden feature bit, not sure what its called, but it will eventually be dark grey.

Stairs added to the deck.

We took these photos on the weekend, since then the deck/stairs have been completed (except the alfresco railing) and all eaves are now finished. The plan is cabinetry fully installed next week (and bath, sinks etc), and tiling the week after. 

But I'll update the blog after our visit tomorrow with some more recent photos and the likely verdict on whether or not I really can build an entire human being in less time than a builder can craft a house !

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