Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting closer !

Grout is marvellous stuff. Makes such a difference !

Ensuite bath


Ensuite niche. Using the floor tiles as feature tiles felt a bit risky? But we're thrilled with the result.

Kid's bath

Kids shower, just waiting on glass and tapware

Dusty kitchen

Family room. SO glad we didn't end up carpeting this space. The tiles do look darker laid than we'd expected, but they have definitely grown on us - even though we have had a frightening glimpse of how well they show dust !!! Remind me to buy Dan a mop for Christmas...

Meanwhile, out the front, the concrete saga continued. The driveway was poured on Thursday, which of course was the day it poured rain too, so the wet cement had to be covered up with plastic. 

Plastic was cleared up today (Monday) but this is still only half the concreting done, and the colour is awfully patchy - we are assuming there is some kind of wash to take place (there better be). Concreting is supposed to be finished tomorrow. Time will tell...

Here is a sneak peak of today's exciting development - paint !!! The whole house was undercoated today, top two coats will go on before Thursday. We opted for the premium "wash and wear" type paint and a true shade of white. Even the undercoat looks fantastic to me, I asked the painter if we could keep his drop sheets as carpet and move in today (he said no).

Tilers have finished bathrooms, but still need to come back once missing tiles come into stock and complete splashback and remaining portion of hallway but this is on track for this week.

On the home front, we're packing - and moving out of our rental next Friday. The sales guy told us this week that he's seen fix-outs done in 1 week but given how much work is left to be done, and that we will arrange our own independent inspection before we authorise final payment, there will definitely be a brief (hopefully) period of homelessness (aka living with Kelly's parents) before we move in ! 

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  1. i love your bathroom and the color of the tiles, though its not yet finished i know it would look good when its done..