Monday, August 8, 2011

Tiling, driveway and deck

The tilers have been working flat-chat all week, and are nearly finished. These first few photos were taken Saturday.

Ensuite, the green thing on the right is an unfinished niche in the shower that will eventually match the floor tiles.

 Family room. Its very difficult to tell the colour of the tiles given they are all covered in a thick layer of tile dust ! Now that they are laid, they do look a bit darker than we'd expected. 

See the sad unfinished patch on the left hand side...

 Dining (note the holes for power points and light switches are gradually being added too)


By today, grouting had begun and the last features in both bathrooms had been placed. You'll have to excuse the next few photos...they are iPhone through a window, not the best!

Laundry has been totally finished. Grout makes a big difference ! We have opted for a dark natural grout on the floor and white on the walls.

Main bathroom, left hand side wall has been grouted, right hand is in progress. 

The living areas are very nearly finished but not grouted - unfortunately the tilers ran out of the large rectangular tiles. But the painter phoned this afternoon and has been lined up to start this week when the tilers finish, so those last few tiles can't be too far away.

The concreter was due to finish the driveway late last week...he started unexpectedly a few days early, and has been doing dribs and drabs since. The weather isn't great here now so not sure how far away this will be.

We decided to organise the driveway ourselves because to have it done through the builder was obscenely expensive, and we are literally saving thousands of dollars this way. This particular concreter has done some work for a friend and its great quality - he just really, really needs to buy a diary...!!!! We know he'll be back though - we haven't paid him yet ;)

Today the deck was finally finished - the carpenters put the long-awaited gates on. I say "long awaited" because we inevitably have to visit at times with our son and he loves running on the deck, straight towards the edge of course, at least now we have a giant child proof cage to lock him in while we check progress !

Next update: hopefully tiles completed, and painting underway. Who knows where the driveway will be up to !

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