Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 3 Progress

We spent a lot of time last week trying to resolve some issues with the plans, all of which relate to the deck. It seemed pretty obvious to us from the tender document that the railing around the deck would extend under the alfresco, however on later versions of the plans, this was not the case. So back and forward we've gone for a few weeks, until we acknowledged the wording was vague and have agreed to pay extra to "make it so". And then the next edition of the plans came back and the railing was finally there, but now the deck had mysteriously shrunk in width, so that it was now 40cms shorter than the alfresco which it sits off. Ummm....nooooo!!!

Our new (and improved) CSO tells us that this is what was originally drawn at colours, but like a lot of what was discussed at colours, it is NOT what we asked for ! We are hopeful this is being resolved now but even as I write this I'm conscious that we are still yet to see updated pricing or plans...meeting with the site supervisor at the house tomorrow for the first time, he has really impressed us so far, hopefully these little hiccups will be resolved soon. At least before the house is finished and they start on the highly contentious deck !

 In the meantime, the house is still evolving...we have trusses!

Its funny, from the front (beyond the fence where all of these photos were taken) the master bedroom looks very small to me. Dan thinks this is hilarious as I've stood many in an exact copy of this layout in the display home and know very well how large it is, but with the frame up, perspective is very hard to find and it looks tiny ! I'll have a better idea after standing "in" the frame tomorrow. 

The windows were delivered today and most of the external wall sarking was hung - unfortunately Mother Nature rained on the parade but finer weather is predicted for later this week so more progress isn't far away. 

I will update with more pics after our site visit tomorrow !

Bye for now

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