Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bricks and tricks

The bricks arrived late last week, and brickies started yesterday. We couldn't quite get the bricks as dark as we'd hoped, so we had asked for the darkest possible natural mortar and for the mortar to be flush to the bricks - we're thrilled with how this has worked out. 

This last photo is to show the depth of the backyard. It extends to just between those two grates you can see in the bottom right hand corner, so quite a way beyond the builder's fence.  Not nearly as small as I'd feared when we were at foundation stage, certainly plenty of room for a trampoline which our son might say is all that matters !

So happy days on the build front this week, and you'll notice scaffolding now on the roof for tiling to start shortly.

 Not all is rosy in builder-land though, after many emails and phone calls, we finally got the price to sort out the decking situation today. It would be impossible to update you on the latest development without a Gordon Ramsay style rant, so I will summarise it thus: firmer discussions to be had in coming days. 

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