Monday, May 16, 2011

Brick by brick...

Brickwork is nearly finished...

This wall, and the last half of the garage and entrance, are all that's left to do. 

We were excited to see tiles arrive last Friday, then disappointed to discover they are the wrong type. We have ordered a "traditional" rooftile which has a fairly flat profile, instead "waverly" has been delivered, as the name suggests these have several waves in them. A few phone calls later, this is being rectified.

Still waiting for the decking issue to be sorted. A rethink has been required on the railings, as what was originally proposed was not adequately stable. I've approved a mockup of this but am still waiting on updated pricing. My blood pressure is a little safer this week than last though, although I'm not thrilled that its still outstanding, I am satisfied that someone is paying sufficient attention to the problem now that we will get a good outcome !

We've selected a concreter who will lay the driveway and pathing to the front door and along the western side of the house - this needs to be done in about 8 weeks time, which apparently means booking it in now. We have decided on "Monument" colouring for the concrete in lieu of stencilling it at a later date. We had several quotes for this - with extraordinary differences in the prices quoted. Quite amazing that we can get all of the concrete we need for just a little more than the original quote from the builder, which was just for a double to single driveway to the road!

Sarking to the roof being applied this week, with correct tiles due for delivery before Friday.

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