Sunday, May 22, 2011

..if we only had a roof...

We had an unscheduled tour of the house yesterday with the brickie. Out for a Saturday morning family walk, we got chatting to the bricklayer who was on site finishing off. He turned out to be a lovely, very chatty guy who walked through with us admiring his handiwork !

The brickwork is all but finished now. They are short on bricks for piers for the alfresco and porch but have now done enough that "no one else is being held up", so will finish those last bits off over the next few weeks once more bricks are delivered. 

Max's contribution to the build.
View from the front, with sarking/frames on front portion of house for tiles to go up next week (correct tiles still not on site but due any day...). 
Stacker doors finally installed.
Family room window.
Soon-to-be alfresco ! Got very excited about the thought of lazy brunches in that morning sun.
Master bedroom.
Nursery/parents retreat.

Bath in ensuite to Master.
My walk-in wardrobe with a long view of the house through it. 

 External view of alfresco. 
Back of house, all bricked up.
Drop off the alfresco. Umm...yes, I think we need a railing!

 Speaking of That Issue, the brickie was aware that he was now doing two piers on the alfresco now instead of one (part of the most recently proposed solution) - he was ordering bricks to build what we haven't yet agreed to. I'm still waiting for a response to email and phone call last week chasing all of this up...

Made some decisions about window furnishing and lighting this week, will update with some piccies when I have some more time.

Its horrid weather here this afternoon...hoping that tiles arrive and roofers will still be able to work tomorrow, as once that roof goes up, Mother Nature can rain all she wants!

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