Thursday, April 14, 2011

We have a slab !

This morning's drive-by "block stalking", we found...

Yes, that is a very big crane thingy and concrete truck pouring our slab ! Sorry about the extreme long distance view, but there was quite a lot happening in our little cul-de-sac (3 houses under construction side by side now). While we find repeated daily visits perfectly acceptable, we do draw the line at getting run-over by heavy machinery just for a sneak peek.

This afternoon after the busy-bee labourers had gone...

This is our alfresco. I really hope they put some more work into tidying it up, find it hard to picture successfully boozy BBQs on it as-is !!! ;) 

I still can't believe how much manual effort went into preparing for the slab to be poured. Yes, I am a very ignorant white-collar worker, but this has now been a full week of setting up the boxing and laying the waffle pods etc - and there have been 4-6 guys on site all day. I wish I'd had time to take them some mornos!!

Next update, Frame is being delivered Monday. 

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