Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking shape

Since last Thursday, the concreters have been busy at work preparing to lay the slab. 

This will be the south western corner of the master bedroom, the cut out in the slope you can see here will be a grey stone retaining wall. 

The back of the house. We aren't sure what will happen with the slope you can see in this photo at the base of the soon-to-be slab!  Our toddler could have a great time rolling down it...as it seems to be the end of the fill they brought in, we are hoping the builders will smooth it out sometime between now and handover.

So much foam...

And finally this afternoon, it looks like the foam and metalwork is all in place, now all we need is some cement. Below you can see Dan surveying his soon-to-be kingdom... 

Between the top few photos and this last one we had a few rainy (and freezing!) days, so we're not sure if the soggy soil will mean a delay before we see any more progress. 

Bye for now !

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  1. You need to post more pics, That photographer is amazing!