Monday, June 20, 2011

Deck, retaining wall and cornicing

The deck is nearly done !

Obviously still the railings need to be finished, and extended along the alfresco. But we're thrilled with how this looks so far.

The plasterers have finished now, the last of the cornicing went up late last week. 

Cornicing isn't very exciting to photograph...

Retaining wall (south/west side of house) was finished today.

Today, doors and some other bits and pieces were delivered. Its going to be quite sad once they install the doors and we can't just wander inside every afternoon to see where things are up to. But then again, that's what windows are for, and it will be nice to have some things inside worth "locking up"!

Last week we wanted kind weather, this week we're hoping for bad weather ! The carpenters have an external job elsewhere booked in this week, however if it rains our kitchen cupboards/vanities/skirting boards etc will be installed instead. So, bring on the rain dance !

We had been waiting for the retaining wall to be finished so that we could book the concreter in, to do both driveway and the section of path in the last photo above as well as a similar section along the western side of the house. Talking to the site supervisor last week he advised to have this done just before handover so that the driveway isn't at the mercy of trade vehicles coming and going - he told us to book the concrete for early August. Best case scenario has always been a late August handover, pretty exciting to have confirmation that we're still on track for this timeframe. That would gives me at least a month after we move in to get the house organised before its newest occupant arrives ! 

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  1. Kel also forgot to mention we have some brick stairs built at the start of the Alfresco. You can just see them in pic#2 :)